Inside its

rundown pubs,

overcrowded caffs

and boarded up bookies -

tucked into these dark corners are


with stories to tell.


Film stars with potential blockbusters

weighted on their shoulders.

Writers living in their own bestsellers,

breathing the words, bearing the chapters.

Pulitzer prize winning poets

with problems and pain

penned into their hearts.


Searching dustbins for answers.

Scrounging pennies for Monday’s breakfast

of unsold Sunday roasts.

Mid-afternoon sessions of cheap spirits.

Gambling the rest of the day away.

Carrying the bags of life’s lessons under tired eyes

scraping away the yellow remains

of dried dreams,

hardened by heartbreak

and a lack of sleep.


My life's been –

two parent home,

routine Sunday roasts,

IKEA furniture,

 leafy suburbs.


I am the most boring person on this high street.


published by Nasty Little Press 2012